As the owner of a busy nail salon, you may know how much time per day is spent on booking appointments and speaking to your clients about setting appointments. But chances are you may not realize how much time and money your business can save by using an automatic booking system.

Using a website with a built in online booking system can take your business to higher professional heights. A website developed just for a service business like yours is a wonderful way to create an extension to your local shop. New clients can find you, view services and fees, then simply book their appointment directly on the website.  Your customers are becoming more and more mobile and being able to find your shop online and immediately book an appointment will be a relief for your customers.

Adding a website to your local business is simple and much needed in today’s mobile society.  Let our state of the art websites with online booking systems help you reach more customers online and offline with a beautiful website dedicated to your salon.

Unlike other online booking system, our system is built to fit the needs for NAIL SALONS, whose owners still use paper appointment book. With our system, you will not have to worry about overbooking