Làm sao để khách hàng trở lại

1. Sell services in a package of five, or ten or more, at a corresponding discount.  This keeps the customer coming back to get the treatments and you get the money up front.  Or start a “frequent buyer” program, with incremental rewards each time a customer reaches another milestone.  After a while, your customers will have so much invested in reaching their reward status that they’ll never go anywhere else.  Consider giving a gift card as a reward, so that they can give it to a friend if they desire.

2. Start a birthday club, and encourage your clients to provide their birth date along with their email address.  Then you can send them a birthday greeting with a special discount or free service.  You can also send them a thank you email after their first visit, and ask for their input as to how they liked your services.  Ask what could be done better, and if they respond with criticism, offer them a discount to come back and try it again.

3. Give every customer the royal treatment.  There’s no substitution for excellent customer service.  If a promotion should get out of hand and you find yourself inundated with new customers all coming in for a discounted service, do your best to manage the situation and don’t overbook.  Customers who feel they’re being slighted because they have a coupon are quick to complain on Yelp.  Remember, the whole point of offering the discount is to bring in new clients.  Give each one the same outstanding service you give to those who are paying full price.  If even a small percentage become regular clients, it will have been worth it!