Làm thế nào để lấy thêm khách

1. Optimize your web page.  Your website is quite often the first thing people will see before they visit your spa.  Does it look inviting?  Include lots of pictures, but rather than purchasing generic clipart, get some professional (and flattering) photos taken on the actual premises.  People like to see what a spa looks like before they visit.  You can also place these photos on your Yelp site and your various local directories and listings. Create a comprehensive menu of your services, with a full description of each one.

2. Offer a variety of combination packages, such as a facial and a manicure, or a head-to-toe facial, massage and mani-pedi.  This will get customers to try services they might not otherwise purchase.  Mother/daughter specials and girlfriend specials can bring in twice the business.  A first time, new customer “try me” package is especially effective to introduce new customers to the full range of your services.

3. Get referrals.  A referral incentive program is a must.  It keeps your customers happy and helps you build your business.  Instead of just offering a discount, try offering a free service that your customers may not use that often.  This way they’ll not only get a reward, but you can acquaint them with some of your other services.  Don’t forget about business referrals, from dermatologists, hair salons and other professionals, especially those you do business with.  If your salon provides a catered lunch, put some business cards and menus from the caterer or restaurant on your counter and ask to leave some of yours on theirs.